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Here are some songs that Jon has recorded. They are all in MP3 format for you to download and enjoy. Please be aware that they are rather large files, so they may take a little while to download.

Song Title
Jon's Notes
One of These Days (live) New recording from Brewster's 11/23/04
Serendipity (live) Live at Brewster's 11/23/04
Second Time Around (live) Live at Brewster's 11/23/04
Tears I Paid (new version) This is the recorded version with harmony experimentation along with a few instruments added in.
One of These Days Studio version of the song. Major thanks to Tiff and Michael for their contributions to the background vocals. This is probably my favorite recording to date so I hope you enjoy.
Than I Could Be Recorded live at Brewster's 8/10/04
Don't You Dare Recorded live at Brewster's 8/3/04
Long Way Recorded live at Brewster's 8/3/04
Tears I Paid (live) recorded at Brewster's open-mic 7/27/04. mind the sloppiness, i wrote it that same day
Things Undone First song I ever wrote
Can't Be Fixed This is about loving someone so much but knowing that too much has been said and done to take it all back.
Can't Be Fixed (live) This song was recorded live at Brewster's on 6/22/04.
Love For Me This is a song about my own spiritual journey and struggles for understanding.
Hear My Cry -
The Distance (Forever) Pretty basic long-distance love song